PO with UK VAT, EU VAT and ROW VAT all in one consolidated invoice from popular parcel service.

Ben_DysonBen_Dyson Member Posts: 18
Customer ships all over the world and at some point in the past we've modded the Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice Subform pages to allow line level access to the VAT Business Posting Groups. So, when the delivery company sends in their consolidated invoice, they can setup an Invoice that matches what they were sent. (Example was a Credit Memo with EU VAT on it). This worked on NAV 2013, but since moving the NAV2018 CU35, there seems to have been a fundamental shift to the PO Posting routine. Before it posted on a per line basis, but now it seems to decide that the header VAT Business Posting Group needs applying to all lines - I guess MS can justify that by saying that the Line Level VAT Bus. Posting Group shouldn't be editable so the whole document should always just have ONE VAT Bus. Group.
That works fine in most cases, but since their shipping agent ships everywhere in the world, they get an invoice with multiple on.
So, the rules are that you have to make your Purchase Invoice match what was sent to you, but fundamentally NAV isn't designed to allow this.
Do you mod the Purchase Posting Codunit to post per line? Not a big fan of changing posting process'.
Is there another way of posting the Consolidated Invoice?

Thanks in advance.
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