Cannot create companies in Business Central OnPrem

Kristof163Kristof163 Member Posts: 1
Dear all,

We have BC 19 Spring Edition on a SQL Server 2019 standard edition.

When I want to create a company or copy a company I get the following error: "Online index operations can only be performed in Enterprise Edition of SQL Server".

Is there a way I can disable Online Index operations? Or do I have to upgrade to SQL Server 2019 Enterprise ?

Kind regards,



  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 494
    HI @Kristof163
    This is not a BC error, this is related to your SQL server.
    You must have a trigger/Event on your SQL server that create a index when you SQL schema is changing.

    You need to location the piece of logic on your SQL instance and either disable it or wrap the T-SQL in IF SERVERPROPERTY XXXX

    You should be able to and extra companies in BC
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