Unable to Read a table in NAV

mustafaAlsoufimustafaAlsoufi Member Posts: 18
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Hi All,

I'm running into a weird issue where I'm unable to read a table in Live but I'm able to read it in DEV. Also, I'm able to design that table but I just can't read it!

Please note the following,
  • I have a developer license uploaded
  • I have a SUPER role permission
  • I'm within the range, I also changed the ID to 50096 and 50059, but both of them gave me the same error message
  • I was able to read the table before and the table after my current table.
  • I'm using NAV version 2009 R2

Please find below the error message that I get whenever I'm trying to run the table


  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 411
    Is the object IDs are within the license in the LIVE database? or you have dev license uploaded in LIVE as well?
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  • mustafaAlsoufimustafaAlsoufi Member Posts: 18
    It's the same Object ID in Dev and LIVE so it's within the range. Moreover, I uploaded the dev license in LIVE as well, but that did not fix my issue.
  • Tony_NCDTony_NCD Member Posts: 30
    Under Live, are you logged in as a Full User or a Limited User?
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