Setting up a Control AddIn as a DotNet Variable in a codeunit, is it possible?

gycsiakgycsiak Member Posts: 19
I am testing the TinyMCEEditor Control AddIn ( and I have done some modifications, so that I can have several configuration settings (i.e. Inside NAV Mail Client Page should be differently set up as a Requestpage of different reports, etc.).

I am trying to make it as easy as possible for the other end-user developers to use TinyMCEEditor in their custom-made pages, so I would like to create a codeunit, which would receive a TinyMCEEditor as a DotNet variable and set as "VAR" and so in my codeunit I would like to read the peferred settings record and set up the Dotnet variable's parameters, and after that give it back to the caller page, so that every single page and request page would only include one call to the set up function with the page's TinyMCEEditor Control AddIn.

Unfortunately I receive an error message, when I try to give CurrPage.TinyMCEEditor as a variable to my function, that it cannot be identitied as a variable.

Is this scenario possible or is this a limitation to the visual Control AddIns and I need to create the Setup Function always within the certain Page or Requestpage Object?
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