Regarding Performance issue

I have Written a code Line in the OnAction on the page object,
In the second case I have commented the Object and created the Codeunit,
Will there be any performance Related Issue. Which is the suggestable method of writing the code.


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    Rambabu_Billuri_5Rambabu_Billuri_5 Member Posts: 6
    Actually we implements business logic in codeunits and then we can utilize that logic wherever it needs very simply by calling that procedure with codeunit reference.

    Using actions we can make it easier for the order processor to perform their daily tasks, such as posting sales orders and creating new customer orders.


    So when it comes to a specific purpose or for a particular area that we need to perform regularly we can prefer to write code in actions. If we need the business logic in multiple areas we can use codeunits.

    Anyways, it's a good approach to write business logic in codeunits.
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