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Hello, I have a lot of sales cue in my Navision. All these cues have Page Sales Order List in the Drilldown Option, so that the Sales Order List opens when I click on a cue.
In my Sales Order List, I have a lot of actions.
I want to enable or not those actions in the Sales Order List regarding the selected sales cue.
Therefore, I thought to pass a param between the Sales Cue and the Drilldown page to show/enable or not those actions in the page.
So, my question, is it possible to pass a param easily between the Sales Cue and the page called by Drill Down ?
Another solution I thought, is to put code into the drilldown trigger to pass the filter to the page, but I can't found info on it. Once there is code in the Drilldown trigger, the Drilldown option doesn't work anymore, and I can give the cue filter to the page, all records are displayed.
Did someone found a solution to this problem ?
Thanks for your help.
Benoît - NAV Developer in Belgium.


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    ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 228
    If you don't write any code in DrillDown trigger, then standard functionality will kick in - it will show the records, filtered by FlowField calculation formula into a page defined on the table as DrillDownPageID.

    If you write any code, even if it's just a comment, then the standard functionality will not do anything and you will need to do everything yourself - create variable for record, filter it, create variable for page, SetTableView with your filtered record, call whatever other function you want and finally open that page.

    Same applies to LookUp trigger
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