How to configure a workflow for two different approval limits with the same users?

Aravindh_NavisionAravindh_Navision Member Posts: 254
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Hi Friends,

[Version: NAV 2018]

There are 4 users who are approvers of a workflow.

User01 (Approval limit: 5000)
User02 (Approval limit: 10000)
User03 (Approval limit: 15000)
User04 (Approval limit: 20000)

The above users are defined a Workflow User Group with sequence no. and same WUG is assigned in its corresponding workflow. The limits of each user is defined in Approval User Group. These configurations are working perfectly.

My requirement:

I need to use the same users for another workflow with different limits. Say..

User01 (Approval limit: 25000)
User02 (Approval limit: 50000)
User03 (Approval limit: 125000)
User04 (Approval limit: 500000)

I need to configure to above limits without affecting the current setup.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Thanks and Regards, Aarvi.


  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 413
    I am not in touch with the workflows that much but have you checked using separate workflow user group for second workflow?
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  • Aravindh_NavisionAravindh_Navision Member Posts: 254
    Thank you Developer101 for your response.

    But where to give the approval limit for the second workflow?
  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 413
    Can I ask is this journal approval or PO or SO or invoices?
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  • Aravindh_NavisionAravindh_Navision Member Posts: 254
    Its Purchase Order..
  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 413
    Unfortunately, you might need to do some customization.
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  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 413
    Using standard NAV, achieving what you want to achieve, unfortunately is not possible. If you need any help in customising the solution, let me know, I am willing to help. By customising , I mean, code customisation.
    United Kingdom
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