EventViewer Warning: ResultSetEnumerator and FieldLoadInfo

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recently (after updating from BC 13 to BC 17) we’ve had lots of Warning in our EventViewer which has me stumped and trying to find answers via web-search has practically zero hits.

The Warnings are thus: “Message Invalidation of ResultSetEnumerator on record with id: X because of updating the FieldLoadInfo on the record”.

There is no SQL Statement in the warning. It’s basically just this text. And the IDs are many, from standard objects (e.g. 18, 23, 27, 39, 114, 115, 122, 123, 290) and objects from our extension (50000 and onwards). There are also standard IDs included for which we do not have an extension (e.g. 290).

Searching directly for the warning as above fives you zero results (google and Bing). Searching just for FieldLoadInfo gives you the docs “Records.SetLoadFields Method” and “Warnings and Error Messages” page from Microsoft in Bing.

Searching for ResultSetEnumerator gets you the pages for ResultSetEnumerator class and constructor, but again nothing concerning a warning/error message.

Since it is “just” a warning we at first had a wait and see approach as we didn’t notice and dip in performance to the old BC 13 no errors while actually using the BC 17 client. But the warning currently is coming so often, that is spamming the EventViewer full, making it very difficult to find and analyse other occurring errors and warnings.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance,

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