LinkedObjecs in BC14

c.kestasc.kestas Member Posts: 15
We are in the process of upgrading NAV2009 to on-prem BC14 and we came across a problem with LinkedObject tables.
We have a number of such tables that we use to read data from other databases.
Although the table property LinkedInTtransation is set to No, when we run the table in BC we get an error that "....linked server <...> cannot begin a distributed transaction...". When we eventually managed to correctly set up distributed transactions between the two servers, the problem went away.

The question then is: Why does BC try to begin a distributed transaction even though LinkedInTtransation is set to No?
We can always properly configure distributed transactions but as you will agree this is not always the easiest of things to do.
Especially when it shouldn't be needed anyway.

NAV2009 was happily pulling the data from the linked server without the need to setup Distributed Transactions.
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