Nav 2018 SQL DB Replication possible?

meelanmeelan Member Posts: 7
What would be best sql replication methods for Dynamics NAV 2018 database which the partner still uploads changes (objects including tables).
The DB is around 200GB and subscriber will also be in the same premises (different building)
I see snapshop, transactional etc. Not sure which one will work in this case?


  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 480
    hi @meelan
    I my opinion that depends on what you want to accomplish.
    Is this for reporting?
    Is the for security/emergency ?
    Is the for a TEST/DEV DB?

    For reporting I have previous use transaction log shipping.
    For Security/emergency you could have a look at a "Always on cluster"
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  • meelanmeelan Member Posts: 7
    Thank you SanderDk
    It is for emergency, in case of primary server failure, we want to have maximum possible data recovered. This installation has some 100 users. Database is being backed up twice daily for the time being.
    We use SQL Server Std.
    I will look into the "Always On Cluster" feature. Needed to what methods most of us here uses?
    Main confusion is the object (specially tables) changes the partner makes.

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