Strange behaviour of Menusuites

FragenFragerFragenFrager Member Posts: 33
I was confronted yesterday with a somewhat oblique phenomenon: a customer of ours uses an add-on. From this, as if out of the blue, several menu items disappeared yesterday.
They also couldn't be found through the search.
I compared the menu suite for this add-on as well as the MS 1090 with the respective versions in the local working copy of the customer database with us, there was no difference from the time stamp. However, the menu items were available with us.
I then compiled all menu suites with the customer under the customer license, goes again.
By chance, I noticed that the missing menu items in the MS1090 are displayed at the customer under the object designer, not with us (although the MS 1090 has the same time stamp with us and the customer, see above).
I then exported the two menu suites once as text and compared them via KDiff, they are binary identical.
Has anyone experienced anything like this here? What is particularly unsettled to me is that the two MS 1090 seem to be completely identical, but the menu items of the add-on can be seen in one variant in the designer, but not in the other.
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