Can't download symbols for BC18 when including test

Jakob_CGKJakob_CGK Member Posts: 8
I would like to write custom test codeunits, but I have trouble accessing the necessary symbols. If I don't include
"test": ""
in app.json, VS Code download all symbols just fine, but it can't reach the objects relevant for testing, such as Assert. If I do include the property, I can't download the symbols without this error:
[2021-05-17 11:25:01.26] Could not download reference symbols. Please ensure that:
1. The correct server name and instance are specified in the launch.json file.
2. The correct application version is specified in the app.json file.
3. The dependencies are correctly specified in the app.json file.
I even tried reinstalling the container, making sure the test toolkit is included as well as use different versions for the test-property, but nothing so far has been successful. Is there another step to this I am missing?
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