How to control booleans values to excel?

SunsetSunset Member Posts: 201
Does anyone know how to control the displayvalues being sent from NAV to Excel?
I have two seemingly identical machines installed running on the same NAV2017 server.

When using the default "Export to Excel" functionality, for instance in the customer overview, one machine display TRUE/FALSE and the other YES/NO in the various columns.

I am assuming that it must be controlled somewhere in the regional settings or excel settings, but I am at a loss trying to find anything that is different between the two installations.
I know that I can use FORMAT with custom exports, but since this is the default export, I don't now where to control it.
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    txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 492
    I would look NAV service setup: check the default language code and compare with windows installed languages. Also check ms office installed languages? somewhere there.
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