AL/Visual Studio Code/OnPrem: Debug Invoke-NAVCodeunit from Administration Shell

MarHanMarHan Member Posts: 8
Hey there,

hope you're all doing fine!

I need to debug code that is been triggered by a "Invoke-NAVCodeunit" command from the Business Central Administration Shell.

Neither my launch configuration with "breakOnNext": "Background", nor "WebServiceClient" is catching my breakpoints :-( When I publish the codeunit as SOAP Webservice and trigger it via PowerShell with New-WebServiceProxy and so on, VSC correctly hits my breakpoints and stops on them. The problem is, that my code is running properly when triggering it via web service, but not when triggered via Invoke-NAVCodeunit, what it is supposed to be later on :-(

Does anyone has an idea?

Thanks in advance and take care,


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