Using OpenFileDialog to select multiple files (Multiselect)

I couldn't find a solution for this here on Mibuso, so now that I have one I wanted to share.

As some may know, the problem with multiselect is that Dialog.FileName then only returns the path as it's actually a <NULL> separated list and NAV can't handle the <NULL> (considers it to be the end of the string).

However there is another option, Dialog.FileNames which returns a String Array.

For an example, create a copy of the OpenFileDialog function in CU 419 File Management and call it OpenFileDialogMulti, then add 2 local variables to it:

Change the code:

When you run the dialog you can select multiple files:

And get each file name back:

My apologies if someone already posted this and I just couldn't find it.

Hope that someone finds this useful.
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