Changing report dataitem in NAV 2017

pberbpberb Member Posts: 33
We created a custom report with a single DataItem Sales Cr. Memo Line that runs fine. I changed the DataItem to Item Ledger Entry along with all the columns references, however when I try running the report, nothing happens and NAV exits. Do I have to change the Layout? If so, how? Many thanks!


  • Nikolay_EremeevNikolay_Eremeev Member Posts: 1
    How to change layout:
    1 Since i do not have "Visual studio" i use "Report Builder" instead.
    You might set "yes" in field Tools - Options - Use Report Builder if you in the same situation.
    2 To change Layout you should open report in designer, than go to View - Layout.

    It is interesting that NAV just exits without any error. Could you attach report in txt format please?03wb932a395r.jpg
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