Business Central product coupling to CRM in two companies

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Hi experts!!

I need to copy a product from company A to company B and at the same time in CRM, I also need to couple them (BC to CRM) in both companies.
I manage to create the product in company B and also in CRM but at the time of making the coupling only in company A and I cannot do it in company B.
This is my code:

CRMID := NewCRMProduct.CreateProduct(vitem);
If CRMID <> '' then
CRMIntegrationRec.CoupleCRMIDToRecordID(CRMID, Item.RecordId);

//change of company, this is the part that doesn't work

pcompany.SetRange(Name, companyB);
if pcompany.FindFirst then begin
vItemIC.SetRange("No.", Item."No.");
IF vItemIC.findfirst THEN begin
CRMIntegrationRec.CoupleCRMIDToRecordID(CRMID, vItemIC.RecordId);

it doesn't throw errors, it just doesn't do the coupling at company B.

any ideas?

Thanks in advance
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