How to setup Odata webservice request for Page 197 (Account Schedule KPI Web service)

I am trying to set up an Odata webservice connection for Account Schedule KPI Web service.This is done by publsihing page 197, so the data can be used with Excel. We are publishing several account schedules, so I want to be able to filter on the account schedule name.
On normal pages it is not a problem to add an filter after the Odata request (?$filter=<field> eq <value>)
On this specifc page the filters are ignored. I suspect that it is because on the code of the page there is the following:

SETRANGE(Number,0,NoOfLines - 1);

If I remove the filtergroep and setrange the filter in the Odata request is working, but then the page is not working correctly any more

Does anyone have a suggestion how we can use this page with a filter setting on the field "Account Schedule Name"?
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