Displaying Global Dimensions in a Query

I've created a query which includes Shortcut Dimension 1 and Shortcut Dimension 2 in the dataset (it's based on the Purch. Rcpt. Line table).

When I display the query in the client the captions are "Shortcut Dimension 1" and "Shortcut Dimension 2".

If create a page instead, the captions are taken from whatever is specified as shortcut dimensions in GL Setup ("DEPARTMENT" and "CUSTOMER GROUP" in Cronus).

Is this by design? I like the ability in recent versions of Business Central to expose queries as SmartList pages, but users will not accept not having shortcut dimensions captioned correctly. Is there anything I can do?


  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 361
    Are you going to expose query on to page then you can set caption class on the page for dimension columns.
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  • CarnivalBoyCarnivalBoy Member Posts: 3
    I wasn't going to do that. I just added the line QueryCategory = 'Posted Purchase Receipts'; to the query to get it to appear as a SmartList page. Which is beautifully simple, but doesn't appear to allow me to display the Dimension caption. I'm wondering if that is just a limitation of the SmartList functionality.
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