Add filter on request page on report

Hi experts,

I have made my own report in my extension on Business Central cloud.

I have a button that is used to call the report and save it as a pdf-file. To do that, I call the request page first and then run the report.

If the user has a filter on the list page, it must be copied to the request page on the report. And if the user has not a filter on field X, it must be added with the value from field X in the current line.

I do this:


if MyLine.GetFilter("X") = '' then begin
MyLine.SetFilter("X", '%1', Rec."X");

XmlParameters := Report.RunRequestPage(50102);

if XmlParameters <> '' then begin
TempBlob.CreateOutStream(OStream, TextEncoding::UTF8);
Report.SaveAs(50102, XmlParameters, ReportFormat::Pdf, OStream);

How do I copy the current filter from the list page to the request page?

(The special thing about this report is that it prints several lines from the list page, the user is in.)

Hope you can help.
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