How do we register down time for machine or work centers? We work with Microsoft DynamicsNAV 2013 R2

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Hello! We are learning about machine and work centers. One question that came up is -how do we tell Nav one of our machines(machine center) is down? before production orders are released or once they have been released.
Also, does Nav auto allocate the capacity to another machine once we register the first one is down?
Input is appreciated! Thanks!


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    jordi79jordi79 Member Posts: 272
    I must first preface this post. My experience in NAV manufacturing is in the older versions.
    If a workcenter is down, you would adjust this in the center's capacity. Which then you would need to recalculate plan and carry out the action msg to update all ProdOrders that is affected by this. I think this would most likely result in an adjustment of end date for the prod orders, due to capacity change.
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    MinervaM84MinervaM84 Member Posts: 32
    Thanks jordi79! I will go ahead and test that out. However, when you say "center's capacity" do you mean this? please see image below. Thanks again for your input!

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