FIFO Unit Cost with lots

RikarddoRikarddo Member Posts: 80
Hi all,

For what i understand NAV allows the item to be batch(Lot) tracked

Posting date = 01/01/2021
Item code = A
Qty = 1
Item cost = 1000
Lot No = A1

Posting date = 02/02/2021
item code = A
Qty = 1
Item cost = 2000
Lot no = A2

When we make a sales order :
Posting date = 03/03/2021
Item code = A
qty = 1
Item Price = 3000
Lot No =A2 ( that means system has to take the item cost = 2000 /-)

Is there any chance that using FIFO the system can always take in consideration the unit cost of the first item in stock?
In the above case the unit cost should be 1000 , although i'm selling the Lot A2

Thanks for the help.


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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    No, your example above is not possible, it will work on FIFO per lot basis.
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