Zetadocs Express Addin unable to open docs without Internet Explorer

asmilie2b3asmilie2b3 Member Posts: 39
As Internet Explorer is being discontinued later in the year, we have started disabling it in pcs. An issue we discovered though is Zetadocs Express addin is unable to open any documents without IE. Nothing happens. We raised it with Equisys, who informed us of the below KB.


Basically, they have no solution for it. We have tried a few workarounds (ie hacks) to try and hijack the call and force it to open in a PDF client, or Edge browser, but to no avail. It seems that it is very hard coded to use the IE browser. I wonder if anyone has found a workaround for this at all?

We are using NAV 2018 first release, with the Windows client.
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