Webservice with table datapercompany=no


Business Central Spring Edition,

We have Table1, with datapercompany=yes.
this table has a field with a relation to table2
table2 is datapercompany=no.

Via webservice, we add a value to table2
and after, add a line to table 1 => Error : related info in table1 doesn't exist ...
If we look into the table with classic client, the data is ok on table1.

If we do the same with table2, datapercompany=yes, no problem.

the problem is with datapercompany=no.
If we insert manually, with classic client, the data in table2, same error with table 1.

When we call a webservice, the url contains always a companyname
/WS/companyname/page/NameOfPage same url with datapercompany=yes or no.

If we restart the webservice service, it's ok, but not a solution...

How to correct this problem ?


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