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I have executed the following SQL query on a NAV Database for two different companies and I surprise to see the column sequence. It differs from one another.
SELECT * FROM CompanyName$TableName;

What is the reason behind it? How do I fix that ?

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    Please post the query result and provide more info please. I don't know what the real problem is.
    What do you mean with different companies? In 1 SQL database? What is column sequence? What is the difference? What version? OnPrem I assume?
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    I ran the below queries for two different company in a single database (OnPrem)
    • SELECT * FROM [CRONUS India Ltd_$Customer]
    • SELECT * FROM [CRONUS Test Ltd_$Customer]

    And I saw the below screenshot in the Result windows(for example).


    Please give a look at Column No_, the column sequence should be the same.

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    Please check the table definition in SSMS, is the column sequence in both companies the same?

    Strange problem ofcourse but is also causing issues?

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    We never ever touched the table definition from the Navision end ( using developer environment) or from the SQL end.
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    Thanks, good to know.
    If it's not causing any issues you can ignore this strange behaviour IMO
    If you want to further investigate you can restore some default Cronus databases and compare the results.
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