BC 17 CU2 New Price Calculation implemented, how to import prices via interface-buffer table?

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I've been trying to understand the new price calculation that has been implemented, but some things don't make sence no matter how hard I search for answers.

As far as I understood for the new price calculation and management, the new Price List tables are being used. If I look into the table Sales Line in BC 17 CU 2, then the new price calculation also seems to be implemented there.

When I open the client and take a look from the item list or item card, there are only actions that lead to the old price pages and tables (Sales Price, Purchase Price, etc.). When I take a closer look in VS-Code, it seems that you manually input your prices in the old table, but there seems to functionality to transfer it also into the new tables, for which you apparently can't find and open the pages yet as a user.

Did I understand this correctly so far?

A customer who is currently using BC 13 (CU1) and is going to update to BC 17 (CU2) soon imports his item data including prices and discount from an external software into a buffer table from which we then process and fill the actual tables.

With the new price implementation, do we still fill the old price tables? Or just the new price list tables? Or must both be filled?

And what happens with the data during migration to BC 17? Is the data moved to the new table?

Thanks in advance!

Throughoutly confused,


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