permissions for receipt but not for to invoice in purchase order

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Hi experts!!

I need some users to only be able to receive and not invoice purchase orders. However other users should only bill and not receive.

I've created a new permission copied from "D365 PURCH DOC, POST" but I can't separate these two features.

you know if it's posible??

Thanks in advance!!


  • kanikakanika Member Posts: 247
    I have changed the user group D365 FULL ACCESS by removing the permission set SUPER, and now it gives me the error that I attach but cannot find the table D365 - Inventory Journal to give indirect insert permissions.gpomccyu0lb9.png
  • kanikakanika Member Posts: 247

    I have discovered how to record permission and it works magically, only with the permissions that each user needs.
    But I see this I emphasize in the image and I can not know its usefulness.
    Does anyone know anything about SmartList?
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