Adding DotNet3.5 to NAV2016 Docker Image

rsaritzkyrsaritzky Member Posts: 454
Hi all,

Is anyone using Docker containers to do development for NAV2016? We are building individual docker containers for each developer/enhancement. We have an addon from an ISV that uses an addin dll that needs DotNet3.5 in order to compile and run. The standard NAV2016 container images/artificacts use the Windows Server Core 2019 based image, which includes only DotNet 4.x support, not DotNet3.5. I've tried adding DotNet3.5 via the DISM command after the container is built (DISM.EXE /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:NetFx3~~~~), and it shows as installed using "DISM.EXE /Online /Get-Capabilities", but when going into the Development Environment, the Addin doesn't show any Types available


If I load the addins to a regular non-docker development environment, the Addin's types display and work properly:

The Addin dll's appear in the list, so they are correctly added to the "Addins" folder within the container.

Any Docker experts out there who can help? Our Docker containers are built via pre-configured scripts, so ideally we'd like to add the dotnet 3.5 feature after the container has been built, but will consider all options.

The error when compiling or running is "Could not load file or assembly 'EasyPost.Net35,Version= Culture=neutral, PublicKeytoken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified."

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