Nav Serialization Enhancement

Pooja_786Pooja_786 Member Posts: 9
1.How can we automate the serial number assignation to released component production journal
2.How to validate to check if the serial number already assigned or used.


  • vasilis6669vasilis6669 Member Posts: 109
    Dear Pooja,

    -on the production journal, use the line Item Tracking Lines
    -there are 2 options. Process-->Assign Serial No or Create Customised SN

    2) Serial numbers are set when the Item Tracking code is set on the item card. Each item tracking code has a setup. At least 1 Inbound or outbound transaction policy must be checked to make the serial number mandatory. Posted serials number can be found in the item ledger entry page using the 'Serial No.' column. You may have to personalise the page to show the column. Another option to look for a serial number is to use the Find Entries (x Navigate) and search by Serial No.

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