Transfer field selections type options to another field of the same type but on another page

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I have a page that has two option fields. I would like to know if it is possible that from the first page the user selects the option in field 1 and the option in field 2. After this, the two that were selected in the previous fields are shown as options on the next page.

For Example:
Options: Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Pink

PAGE 1 > Field 1 > Selected option: Blue
PAGE 1 > Field 2 > Selected option: Red

PAGE 2 > Field1 > Possible options: Blue or Red
PAGE 2 > Field2 > Possible options: Blue or Red

The possible options to select must be those chosen on the previous page.


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    I suggest you create option type global variable with the values you like and assign that to a field.
    on aftermodify() trigger in the page assign the variable to the table field
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