Insert Sales Lines AFTER Sales Header complete Or aster MakeOrder complete

markclemarkcle Member Posts: 62
edited 2021-02-23 in NAV Three Tier
Hi All

We want to insert freight charges (non inv items) on sale orders automatically. The item inserted will be dependent on the ship method. We have a version that works using a event subscription on the ship method code in sales header

Works great when I change the ship method, but I have 2 problems

1. if I create a new sales order for a customer who has a default ship method, the ship method is set before the sell-as customer is set, so inserting a line fails

2. Also when I do make order from a blanket, the make order always starts at line 10,000, so if I have already inserted my freigh item 9after header was created) it fails because line 10,000 exists

So I have two questions

  1. Is there way to figure out when the entire sales header is inserted (to solve no 1)
  2. Is there a way to figure out when the Make Order function has completed (i.e. all lines are inserted) (to solve No 2)


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