Want to create sales order for each line from sales quote

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Hi All,

I have created a sales quote with multiple lines added. Here i want to to create a different sales order for each line of sales quote.


I have a Sales Quote with two lines(X and Y). While i am clicking the 'make order' button in SQ page, It should create two different Sales orders one with item line X and another sales order with Item line Y.

Please help me with your ideas / Code snippets.

Thanks in Advance,
Jacob A.


  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 371
    What did you come up with yourself so far?
  • vasilis6669vasilis6669 Member Posts: 109
    Dear Jacob,

    Out of the box process, is:
    1) Create new Sales Order
    2) Copy Document-->Document Type Quote, Select the Sales quote
    3) Delete the lines that are not required

    Repeat above process until sales quote lines are deleted

    Do the coding, in case the above process is repeated monthly

  • vasilis6669vasilis6669 Member Posts: 109
    Dear Jacob,

    You can also use Blanket Orders.

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