How can I install Test ToolKit on an existing Azure Container?

KarenSKarenS Member Posts: 1
edited 2021-02-17 in NAV Three Tier
I have created a Business Central conatiner in Azure using

az container create `
--resource-group 'RG-Container' `
--name 'democontainer’ `
--image `
--dns-name-label 'democontainer’ `
--port 80
Once installed, how can i now add / install the testtoolkit ? I dont see there being a -testtoolkit variable ?
I have tried to add the parameter --includeTestToolkit, but this gives an error:

: az: error: unrecognized arguments: --includeTestToolkit At line:11 char:1 + az container create -g $resourceGroup -n $containerName --image $imag ...

How can i install the testtoolkit with the az container create or any other cmd in Azure ?


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