Nav 2016 Web Services Pausing

mwillismwillis Member Posts: 1
We use Nav 2016's web services for various minor tasks. All has been working well for years, but yesterday we started getting random slowdowns that seem to consistently last 2 minutes.

For example we'll send a command to update an order, let's say changing a checkbox from checked to unchecked. The response will take a little over two minutes to come back. Meanwhile, if we look in Nav itself, we see that the checkbox has correctly been unchecked already.

As soon as it responds, we can send a similar command, which may come back instantly, or may have a similar 2 minute pause before showing a response.

I'm logging some additional data with the response, such as how long the query execution time took, and it's always nice and fast, maybe a tenth of a second at the most, even for commands that paused for 2 minutes.

Any suggestions on where to look to debug this issue? I poked around in Nav's server admin area, and in system event logs, but I don't see anything helpful.
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