Converting Unicode to UTF-8

TheBoredomTheBoredom Member Posts: 1

I am trying to convert a simple text from Unicode to UTF-8 because our Webservice can't handle Unicode.
I couldn't find any NAV native functions to do this and after trying to find a solution online for a couple hours I find my self here.

NAV Version: BC14.12

Any help is appreciated


  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 960
    edited 2021-02-16
    What are you actualy trying to do?

    NAV has a TextEncoding parameter when creating streams, a text encoding property for XMLPorts, and you can use DotNet in order to do conversions. When dealing with web services one, or both of the latter probably will serve you.

    By the way: UTF-8 is Unicode. Did you mean UTF-16?
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