Federation Service endpoint login failed - BC16 to BC17 upgrade on Start-NAVAppDataUpgrade

eYeeYe Member Posts: 168
Busy upgrading an environment to BC 17.1, and I'm at Task 8, step 1 - running data upgrade on System App and Base App.
However, it basically just hangs - zero errors thrown in console. Zero app server CPU activity and nothing happening on sql server either.

In the Event log, this immediately pops up:
The Federation Service endpoint login failed because the following audience URI does not match an AppIdUri or wtrealm in server or application configuration.

I have seen this as a fix in 17.3, just not sure if this error would prevent the data upgrade from running?

Using Windows authentication on the service.
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Ewald Venter


  • irasoelbaksirasoelbaks Member Posts: 119
    You can specify the parameter 'ContinueOnError'. Theoretically the data upgrade should run. Example:

    Start-NAVDataUpgrade -ServerInstance BC -ContinueOnError
  • eYeeYe Member Posts: 168
    Thanks, but not available on the Start-NAVAppDataUpgrade
    Kind Regards,
    Ewald Venter
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