Do physical inventory using bins/advanced warehousing

StineStine Member Posts: 1

We have a customer using bins and various 'advanced' warehouse setups - This customers wishes to do cyclic/periodic count where the last physical inventory count date and period dictates when the item should be counted.

Problem is that in basic warehouse setup, the Phys. Inventory Ledger Entry (on which the last count date and period updates are based on), is created when posting the Item journal/Phys. inventory Journal - This works perfectly - if you however has a advanced warehouse setup using bins, we should use the Whse Journal Line/Whse. Phys. Invt. Journal, count and post. Then Go to the Item Journal, calculate whse adjustment and post.. At no point is the Phys. Inventory entries created in the 'advanced' setup which means count dates isnt updated on the skus/items (Flowfield from Phys. Inventory Entry)..

The description on docs seems off, at least flawed somehow - or am I missing something?

I could program my way out of this, creating entries posing the Whse. Journal but surely I am missing something?

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