Attaching a Buzzer for KDS print

mrbmannmrbmann CopenhagenMember Posts: 1
Hello, we use LS Business Central version 14.02 and we run hospitality where we want to alrm the chef in the kitchen when a KDS slip is printed. to do this we have attached a Bixolon Melodist buzzer on the RT12 port (cash drawer port) on the Toshiba 6145 LAN OPOS printer we use. the challenge is to get the "open cash drawer" command to go to the printer EVERYTIME we do a KDS print. normally this is handled as two separate devices in OPOS but we are trying to tie the print and the firirng of the open drawer command on port RT12 together - then we would not need to configure anything else for making the buzzer go off.
has anyone tried this before and have ideas to solving this?
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