Intercompany invoices for different coutries there is calculated VAT

Hi, there is something wrong in intercompany postings... When posting a sales invoice in a company (LU) to another company (BE) with a line with an amount of 1000. When posting between different countries there is no VAT.
When posting it is coming into the handled outbox transactions. So for so good.
The purchase invoice is also correct in the incoming transaction in the receiving BE company.
But when the invoice is approved and the purchase invoice is created in the BE company, the line amount is not correct. The VAT is calculated which is not correct. When you try to post the purchase invoice you receive the error because of the total of the lines doesn't match with the total invoice amount on the header.

The reason is because of the code in the function ‘CreatePurchLines’ in codeunit 427 ICInboxOutboxMgt where he recalculates the purchase line amount with the VAT % of the purchase line.

Has anybody a solution for that or is something not setup correctly ?
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