Publishing a Base App from powershell, issue with adding a new field to existing table

RodtmcleanRodtmclean Member Posts: 71

I'm in the process of upgrading our vertical to BC17, this is a modified base app rather than extensions.

I can add a field to an existing table and publish via VSCode and all is well with the world. However, when I publish via powershell, I run into a problem. When running a page with the new field, I've added a test field called Text101, the page is not displayed and and the following is recorded in the event log: -

"Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.GenericException Message: Invalid column name 'Text101'. Statement(s) could not be prepared. StackTrace: Source: "

This is all resolved by publishing from VScode again. I'm wondering if someone has come across this before and maybe it is just a setting somewhere?


ps The product in the future will move to extensions :smiley:
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