ODATA API Select and Insert

meelanmeelan Member Posts: 5

I want to create a small API to list customer order header, customer order lines of that document and possible update.
So, I created two entity pages one for header and other lines and published.

Can access them via the browser. By passing the document number in URL http://domain.com:7999/YZZ/OData/Company('MyCompany')/Doc_Header('doc-50127')?$format=json
I get the head details (one record). If document number not password, entire table is returned.

but, same method doesn't work with lines. I need to filter and get all the line records under ONE document. How can I do this?

Also, would much appreciate if you could point me to a document where I can learn how to update a table record by accepting a parameter through an API (can we publish a function?)

Thank you


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