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I have created a new codeunit with an event subscriber function to the event "OnAfterOnGlobalModify" in Codeunit 49.
But when I make changes in a record, the event subscriber does not react.

Properties of my subscriber:
EventPublisherObject: Codeunit GlobalTriggerManagement
EventFunction: OnAfterOnGlobalModify

I tried also to use the event "OnAfterOnDatabaseModify". Same (no) result.

Any idea to fix that?

Thank you!


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    do you found a solution for this topic?
    I'm looking for trigger OnGlobalModify. Only OnDatabaseModify is fired.
    I hope to log changes only for modifications by user. Change by C/AL Code should be not reported in change log entries.

    In former versions (I'm using BC14) the logic for change log management could be moved from OnDatabaseModify to OnGlobalModify.
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