Data migration from BC 14 to BC Online

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I'm a bit lost and wonder if someone can give me some tips. I'm in a process of migrating data from BC 14 to BC Online

After upgrading the data, I have many tables with "warning : The table does not exist in the local instance".
Some of them are coming from extensions that are not in by BC 14 on prem but others are tables that are custmized in c/side.

Before upgrading data from BC14 to Online, I used the TXTtoAL to generate the extension based on my customized object (c/side). Then deployed all extension in the Online version.

After data migration, all my custom field are empty. Example : in my table 36, my custom fields are all empty.

The BC 14 is from a migration of NAV 2018.
I followed the migration process https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/business-central/dev-itpro/upgrade/upgrading-the-data
until Task 14 as my NAV 2018 did not have V2 extension.(migrated from 2013R2)

Does anyone know why or have any tips on these warnings ?

Thanks for your feedbacks

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