Incorrect Page refresh and User MetaData

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I have an issue with a page refresh. I added to a list page that is related to table x with some fields from table y. In order to run the page with the correct data from table y, I added a line of code to page triggers OnAfterGetRecord and OnAfterGetCurrRecord: 'IF TableY.GET(Key) THEN;
That works fine. However: when I add a new field from table x to the list page, by using the 'Choose Column' option, and refresh the page, the fields from table Y are no longer displayed. I can only bring them back by updating the User Meta Table (deleting the applicable record).
Is this a bug or do I overlook something? I would think this should work.
It looks like the 'User MetaData' table is not updated correctly.

The version I'm using is: BC-14, version: 14.0.29530.

Anyone any ideas?
Roelof de Jonghttp://www.wye.com
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