Breaking change in Item Cross Reference BC18

CaponeCapone SwedenMember Posts: 117
Microsoft is going to replace the Item Cross Reference functionality with item Reference.

Microsoft has created a migration feature for this

The breaking change consists of that it migrates from:
"Item Cross Reference"."Cross-Reference Type No." Code[30]) --> "Item Reference"."Reference Type No." Code[20])

So it tries to migrate from code[30] to code[20] which means that customers that has for A LOT OF years been having codes > 20 characters now need to reorganize their data which seems like a very unnecessary action to me.

I have created an idea for this that aims to keep the length and increase the new field to 30 characters.
You can upvote it here:
Hello IT, have you tried to turn it off and on?
Have you checked the cables?
Have you released the filters?
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