Dynamics NAV 2017. How to create Excel via Excel Buffer with ASCII Characters

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Hello mates!

I have problem with ASCII symbol transfer from Dynamics NAV to Excel, creating by C\AL using Excel Buffer.
There are Table with text type field "Export Mark DataMatrix", it is a string which include ASCII symbol (Code 29, Group Separator):

When I try to generate Excel by Excel Buffer I have following result:

All ASCI symbols replaced by ?, looks like Encoding problem. I'm using standard Excel Buffer write function
ExcelBuf.AddColumn("Export Mark DataMatrix",FALSE,'',FALSE,FALSE,FALSE,'',ExcelCellType::Text);
I cant find any DotNet property or method where is possible to set Encoding (CharSet)

If I have page (from 1st screenshot) using save as Excel, I have same result:

If I use Copy Rows feature and Paste them in Excel workbook all is good. In Excel no ? symbols, and if I copy Excel Column to Notepad++ I can see those ASCII symbols GS.

Please help me, how to solve this problem? Where I can change Encoding? Value is correct also on end writing function XlWrkShtWriter.SetCellValueText.
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