BC16.2 How to solve the Yellow Warning of Purchase Price

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I met this problem while I was using " : Record Purchase Price" and " : CodeUnit Purch. Price Calc. Mgt.".

It doesn't go wrong, but there is a yellow underscore under the Table " Purchase Price" and CodeUnit " Purch. Price Calc. Mgt." , just like the image below.


And if i put my cursor on it, it will show the explanation of the warning, which is " Table 'Purchase Price' is marked for removal. Reason: Replaced by the new implementation (V16) of price calculation.. Tag: 16.0.AL(AL0432) " , like below



I have checked the Table 7012 " Purchase Price ", and found it's " Obsolete State" is " Pending" . So I am worry about once it become "Obsoleted" , it will appears a lot of error.


So is there any solutions that can solve this problem? I have checked the Price Calculation Document of BC, but didn't find the valid information. It only says that the Table Purchase Price and some other Tables in BC15 , are replaced by table 7001 "Price List Line" in BC16, but didn't tell how to use it..

Hoping for your answer.


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