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stonystony Member Posts: 119
I need an idea how I could implement the following with around 15 to 20 workplaces.

Every pallet to be processed has a batch sticker and when this pallet is processed, this batch should be checked or written to a table at the entrance to the production line.

Now I don't want to set up 15 additional computers to do this, but thought to do this via a scanner solution. Whereby it should be said that during the test it must be clear to the operator that
whether the test worked. Definitely need a system with a small display. Maybe I could also use the web client for this !!
Another problem is that I would need 15 additional licenses for this activity, which is of course not great. Write directly into the SQL table !!!! But I want to avoid it if possible.

How could i solve this?


  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 590
    Depending on NAV version you can use publish page as webservice and create short program to use page webservice to insert data into table. Same can be done by codeunit webservice, which can be easier to use in some scenarios.
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