customize standard C/AL report as AL

Berno_SBerno_S Member Posts: 21
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I'm trying to make a customized version of report 4 i BC ver. 14, so I've ExportToNewSyntax and Text2Al, this gives me 4 files *.al, *.rdlc and 2 xlf, I have added the al and rdlc to my vsc project, here I have added possibility for Dimension filter and corrected the RDLC path in the al file, this all went smooth, but when running the report it's blank with or without filters applied, not even headers are printed, which makes me think I does not read the rdlc file. renaming it to rdl the report builder can open it and the design seems fine.
It has been published with both rdlc and rdl extension, but neither with any success.


  • irasoelbaksirasoelbaks Member Posts: 119
    Please check if there is data in your dataset by going to About this Report to determine if it's a datamodel or layout issue.
  • Berno_SBerno_S Member Posts: 21
    There is when I debug I can see data and my filters are applied
  • Berno_SBerno_S Member Posts: 21
    I added a custom layout in lack of a better solution
  • BestVayneADCBestVayneADC Member Posts: 23
    Have you tried to replace *rdlc after publish ?
  • Berno_SBerno_S Member Posts: 21
    Have you tried to replace *rdlc after publish ?

    in the AL project? How would that have effect after publish?
    Or can you replace the standard from NAV without added a custom layout?
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