Dynamics NAV 2018/BC Default Instance Removal

meelanmeelan Member Posts: 7
Isn't there a way to remove the default instance completely from NAV 2018 or BC ?
This got has got installed when we first installed both.
Googled and looks like this cannot be removed. But, we have one installation where we do not see "DynamicsNAV110". It was either removed by someone or we had setup the proper name when we first installed. Current staff cannot remember.


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    Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Member Posts: 1,690
    Look into the Services control panel and find the services starting from Microsoft Dynamics. Right-click for the properties and you'll find your dynamics NAV service name there


    Note: the windows service name is not the same thing as the service name published by the NAV Server and available for Client - however in most cases both names are identical. The exception may only happen when someone installed the NAV/BC service using some non-standard methods and purposefully configured the two things to be different.

    If there are no Microsoft Dynamics* services it may mean that someone removed NAV/BC completely from the machine (which removes the default instance)
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